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Your Dog wants a leader
Obedience begins with training -- for both you and your pet. Regardless of the age of your dog, Alpha Dog Obedience Training can help improve the relationship between you and your dog through communication, fostering respect and trust, and establishing behavioral expectations.
Dog Training
Common Issues
Common Issues
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In-Home Training
Addressing problems is most effective at the location where they occur most frequently. Our training sessions, while sometimes available in a group setting, are performed at your home where you and your pet are most comfortable.

We are available 7 days a week for in-home training sessions throughout the Central Pennsylvania area.
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Breaking the Cycle
Among the millions of pet owners in the U.S. we hear complaints about pets being disobedient, aggressive, possessive, etc. Typically, each of these problems can be traced back to unestablished or ineffective more infoleadership.

Training Videos
These videos provide basic training information for your dog. The video segments will document training stages for dogs of various ages. Watch
Success Stories
"A dog trainer was the BEST money we ever spent. I wish I would have known about Alpha Dog when we had our last dog. Thank you for all your help, it has made all the difference in our home and our family"
Luanne, Carly & Mazie, Harrisburg

"Since our training, Friend [my dog] has learned to accept my leadership, during our walks he's transformed from night to day!"
Thomas & Friend, Mechanicsburg

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