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Common Issues
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Frequent Questions

Watch these examples to see what Alpha Dog Obedience Training can do for you and your dog.

Do you have a question that is not listed here? Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our services.

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How many training sessions are needed?
One. Yes, one. If a particular issue/behavior develops in the future and a return visit is required, a quick 30 min - 1 hour session will be sufficient to address any concerns. In addition, if there is a new member of your household being introduced to your pet, a return visit may be warranted.

Please note, some clients prefer the training in 1 hour sessions overal several weeks to review and move at a slower pace. The choice always remains with the client.
Do you have a guarantee?
Yes, the techniques that we teach are guaranteed to work. However, to see changes in your dog's behavior, you must be committed to your dog and to our work together. With ongoing participation ON YOUR PART, your dog will become the relaxed, confident, loving companion that you desire.
Who should be present during the training session?
It is best to have all members of the household who interact with dog on a DAILY basis present during the training (including children).
What kind of follow-up does Alpha Dog provide?
All phone calls are typically returned within 24 hours. After your initial session, if you are unsure or have questions about something covered, simply call anytime.

One week after your session we will call to review your progress. During this time, we encourage feedback and enjoy the success of your efforts. These calls help establish your goals and progress.
What if we have more than one dog that needs training?
As long as they can be separated for individualized training, it is possible to effectively train more than one dog.
How much does it cost?
Actual costs will vary depending on time required for your individual situation and pet. Typically, costs range from $175 - $250. Please see our Training Services page for additional information.

Are you available on the weekends?
Yes, we are available 7 days a week for training and/or questions. To accommodate your busy schedule, evening appointments are available as well.
What if my dog has fear or anxiety of vehicles, visits to the vet or other locations?
We will address these behaviors at the source. Specific cases can be handled by intentionally placing the dog in the environment under controlled circumstances.
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