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Common Issues
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Certain breeds of dogs have developed a bad reputation over the years: Jack Russells are considered hyperactive, and Pit Bulls are portrayed as aggressive and dangerous. Unfortunately, behavioral misconceptions are typically a result of inadequate training and leadership from pet owners. Through proper training techniques, dogs can re-learn their role and enjoy the benefits of improved mental health and well being.

At Alpha Dog Obedience, our goal is to improve the relationship between you and your dog through effective training. We believe that the values of leadership, communication and respect are the primary building blocks for a healthy bond between you and your pet.

Become the leader your pet deserves. Contact us today.

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We believe that the most satisfying and rewarding owner-dog relationships are founded on leadership, communication and respect.

A dog is a pack animal, and the owner's role is to be the leader. A dog's survival instinct provides for a leadership role, and a dog will lead, follow, or simply get out of the way in order to maintain his well-being. Dogs have their own communication system through which leadership is established. An owner must learn his dog's language in order to become the leader that the dog deserves.

Just as communication among humans is something that must be learned, we must learn how to effectively communicate with dogs. Virtually all communication between dogs is physical rather than verbal, and developing an understanding of your dog's "natural" language will result in better communication. We stress a clear and concise communication method combining verbal and body language cues that are easily understood.

The most respectful way to interact with your dog is to treat your dog like a dog should be treated, that is, like a dog. If you take the time to learn to communicate with your dog and be the leader he deserves, you will have honored your dog by treating him like one.

Is your dog trying to send you a message?
What if, inside the mind of your dog he or she were screaming "I'm not human! Learn how I like to be treated! Stop disrespecting me and learn my communication system! Please!"

Unfortunately, there are many pet owners who have misunderstood what their dog "wants" versus what their dog actually needs. To show affection they supply their dog with treats, toys, grooming and even clothing, all amidst dozens of warning signs: aggression, chewing, biting, possessiveness, anxiety and more.

Imagine for a moment the real wants and needs of your beloved pet. Your dog's need for leadership, communication and respect far outweigh the desire for material items. At Alpha Dog we understand the level of companionship that dogs can provide, the bond that can quickly be built, and the loyalty that is forged over years of spending time with one another. However, we also understand that by stressing the importance of leadership, communication and respect, you can take the relationship with your "best friend" to a higher level.
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