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Dear Max,
It has been a month since you’ve helped us with our newly adopted 1 year old German Shepherd, Cheyenne. A week after we adopted her from the SPCA I knew we needed help, and this is when we found you. I can not begin to tell you how wonderful the relationship is between her & I now. She actually sees me as her “mother”, where as before you came she didn’t recognize any humans as being significant to her in any way (perhaps you remember the A.D.D. dog).

When I initially called you I told you that I had high doubts that you would be able to make my dog behave. She was so totally out of control and I assumed that we would need weeks of training sessions that still wouldn’t work. Bottom line: I had no hope.

When you left that night I was in total awe of our session. Cheyenne no longer jumped all over for her food. She no longer jumped and scratched up the walls & doors. She no longer jumped on visitors. She does not run ramped throughout the house & jump all over the furniture or up & down the stairs as she did prior to you. We can now go outside with her & actually take the lead off and she’ll stay in our yard.

We’ve only had Cheyenne for 5 weeks now, and I just know that the bond we have will only continuing growing thanks to you. I am so excited about your procedure and ability to train dogs that I’ve given your name to at least 5 or 6 other pet owners that need help. When I tell them how my dog was and what you’ve done to help they don’t believe it. I just tell them that I didn’t either. You have to see it to believe it, and you’ll be grateful for it. The relationship between Cheyenne and the rest of the family is more than I could’ve ever hoped for. We’re all thrilled.

My sincere thanks,
The “newcomer” to my pack of 3 dogs was trying to take over as pack leader. I didn’t recognize his behaviors as “dominate signals” until Max pointed them out and showed me what to do.

Harmony has been restored, and my boys are happy and very well behaved. The dominance issues have gone away, and now the humans are pack leaders!
Susan & Kai, Camp Hill

Dear Max,
Sitting down to write you a thank you letter seemed like a simple thing to do until I began thinking of how much that I have changed as a result of the DOG training. Before Alpha Dog, I read books, researched online, asked other pet owners, watched TV shows, all with little or no results. A few days after our session, I felt guilty when I realized that her disobedience, high stress level and anxiety was largely my fault and how I had been dealing with her.

For years I just wanted a dog that I could walk without her pulling, going crazy when passing children or another dog, and that I wouldn't have to worry about her biting my guests. Members of my family told me once, "You should get rid of that dog." One of my friends even tried to convince me to put her on medication becuase she was so hyper and seemed so out of control.

Obviously, none of that was necessary. Simply by me becoming the leader that Chesney wanted and needed helped her to become more relaxed, obedient and more loveable. Because of the training and lessons that I have learned (and the exercises we do with her) Chesney is a different dog. Max, I once thought, "Maybe I'll have better luck with my next dog." Now, I can't imagine having any other dog than her!! I love her like the day I brought her home again!

Sorry this is so long, but I also wanted to tell you that I was walking her the other day and someone I didn't even know said to me, "Your dog is really good." After I realized she was talking to me, I thought, "Yeah, and a month ago she probably would have growled and barked for the entire block." I can't tell you how happy I was for a complete stranger to say that to me.

Thanks again Max, you made a huge difference.
Scott, Newport

Dear Max,
My Initial thought, could or would this really work. As a result it changed my dog and my relationship with Molly. I have a dog which by the way; my first dog ever and I’m 56, didn’t know if my kids made the right purchase decision for me. But Max, thru your help and direction I truly have a best friend in my dog Molly.
Pete & Molly, Shiremanstown

If this doesn’t work I can’t keep my dog. I will be forced to find her a new home. She was almost impossible to walk and more so when encountering other people with dogs. After my session with Max many improvements were realized. Mandy is now one of the best behaved Labradoodles in Harrisburg. She’s great and I’m now the leader. This training really works, Mandy’s owner.
Priscilla & Mandy, Harrisburg

Max the training received was very professional and positive for our situation. Getting Moki on a treadmill was amazing, he loves it.
Bob & Moki, Dillsburg   

Hi Max, so great to hear from you. I think of you so often and thank God for all your help guiding me first to help her. My initial reaction was "Cesar Millan came to my house to help control this beast”! No more biting, jumping up on anyone. Zero aggression of any kind. Most importantly she’s now happy being a dog. NOW I like her and would never getting rid of her. To be honest your training list really annoyed me. “Why do I have to do these stupid things”? Now I have peace, joy and fun in the household. When I let her do whatever she wanted, because I had no control she got worse, until I did what you told me to do and also PRACTICE! Thank you again for all your help.
Connie & Sweetie, Lewisberry       

Max’s approach to dog training is somewhat related to the nationally know trainer Cesar Millan, in that he teaches the “pack” concept. This requires the family to learn dog behavior and include it in all aspects of everyday life. This allows the dog to be a part of the family and requires him to stay in line with his place in the pack.
Initially I was somewhat skeptical of Max’s techniques but after applying them it became clear that they worked! Our dog became much better behaved and we could get him more involved in the different things we did. We could see other families with dogs having problems that were to them, impossible to change, but for the most part they were not letting their dogs be dogs!

I have come to realize, through Max’s training, that a dog can never be a human, (and I don’t think they would ever want to be one), so we have to let them be a dog, and encourage them to be a dog, and show them where they fit into the pack.
Ken & Max Dauphin

After adopting a 2 year old (Riddick) from a rescue group, I was faced with a dog that has aggression and dominance issues. Leash walking was difficult and contact with other dogs was met with aggression and uncontrollable behavior. Deciding I wanted to be the pack leader in my own house, I hired Max to step in and evaluate my situation. I felt I needed some guidance in learning the correct way to handle these issues.

I was skeptical as to what one hour training would do for my dog. After taking my dog on a walk to access his demeanor, Max was able to asses his position of dominance over my dog using a training collar and non-verbal corrective adjustments with the lead. Not only was this important for my dog’s mental state but it help me understand when to make adjustments in his behavior. We were also able to interact with another dog on our walk (something I was not successful at doing before) and Max was able to show me the best way to approach such a situation.

I am confident that using these tips I was able to learn from Max, Riddick is on his way, with much more training, to being a well-tempered, less dominate pet. Max also made himself available to answer any question that I had following our training session.
Thank you
Tim, Lemoyne

Before you came Friend my dog was the alpha and had control. He didn’t like being challenged and was ruling the household. Since our training Friend has learned to accept my leadership, during our walks he’s transformed from night to day!  
Thomas and Friend, Mechanicsburg

Nicholas and I, Kame, have two pit bulls. We called Max McAllister when we found out that I was pregnant. Our dogs have always been loving and sweet, but we had some average concerns. Our major concerns were having the dogs not jump on the couch or bed, behaving around a baby, and walking better so that I could walk the dogs while pushing a stroller.
Max McAllister came into our home, and taught Nick and I how to be better dog owners. Max taught us how to be the pack leaders.
The dogs now know who is in charge and are happier with having us in charge. Now that we have a three month old little boy, my husband and I could not ask for better dogs. Nick and I could not be happier with what Max has taught us. When we have people over, everyone is always amazed at how well our pit bulls behave. Thank you Max for all you taught us pet owners!

Thank you for everything.
Kame, Nick, and baby Nicholas, Hummelstown  

Dear Max:
Our initial thoughts were that this puppy was quite possibly retarded, and how were we going to be able to keep her. We realized we needed help. That’s when we contacted Alpha Dog Obedience Training.

We learned how to train our dog, and how to be consistent, and to become the alpha dog ourselves, usurping Mazie from that role.

We actually enjoy this dog now. It is hard to believe that she is the same dog. She has so much personality and we can appreciate her now, whereas before she was a curse.

We have more harmony in the house. Mazie is not kenneled when we leave the house now, and that was something I never thought would happen. We can for the most part, trust her. She may run away briefly when outside off lease (rarely), but comes right back upon our call. She will sit on a rug away from the table during our entire meal time, until she is freed, so she is not underneath the table annoying us, begging for food. She must wait to be freed to eat her food. She almost never has accidents in the house.

We can enjoy the perks of dog ownership now, when before it was a drag and drudgery. We love her, and she loves us. She is not perfect, but neither are we.

I have told many people that #1, a new dog owner should not get a Jack Russell as a first dog, and #2 a dog trainer was the BEST money we ever spent. I wish I would have known about Alpha Dog when we had our last dog.
Thank you for all your help, it has made all the difference in our home and our family.

Best regards,
Luanne, Carly & Mazie, Harrisburg

Dear Max,
We really felt the need to write to you and let you know all the strides our Abby has made since your visit. Initially, we were very frustrated with her and thought we loved her, we knew we needed help with her aggression issues. We had just completed puppy obedience at Pet Smart and she passed with flying colors, but they really couldn’t help us with these other, substantial, issues. When you told us you were only coming for one visit, we questioned setting up an appointment. I thought you might not be able to really tackle all the needs that we required in just one session. Happily, you proved us wrong.

Abby is a mix and though she is mostly black lab, she must have something in her that made her want to herd our kids and their friends. She wasn’t just mouthing, but nipping and biting when the kids where playing. If she was being petted during feeding, she would freeze and growl. If we had any type of toy, she would play for a bit and then cover it and growl if we tried to take it. This was especially true with an edible toy or bone. We had and alpha dog on our hands and a female at that! If this were to continue, we knew we would have to get rid of her and that would have completely devastated our family. We had just had to put down our 13 ½ year old lab 10 months prior. Quite frankly, you were our only hope.

From the time you came in, we knew this was going to be a good experience for us all. She responded to you and your vibe. She was pretty obedient with our lesion until it came to the bone! Your reaction to her growl shocked us all, but affected Abby most of all! Since that day, we have used your tips and training advice and after practice and patience, we could not ask for a better dog. Never again will I have a dog that isn’t trained in this manner. Instinctively, she knows what we’re asking of her. She knows this is our home, our things and will not harm (chew/eat) anything. If she’s doing something we don’t want her to do, a quick oral correction is all it takes to get her back in line. She is a beloved member of our family, but knows she’s the dog.

We want to thank you Max, for your help and expertise in saving our Abby. We’re so fortunate that we went ahead and made that appointment! You will always be our “Dog Whisperer!”
Lisa, Craig, Tommy, Adam and Abby.

Dear Max:
Isis is doing well. Things that you taught us have been helpful. We have found that doing mental exercises with her such as sitting until called for actually tire her out as much as physical exercise. It has also become apparent that the time spent training her pays off exponentially with respect to her behavior. A little bit of effort goes a long way.
Thanks again for your help. Take care.
John, Kim and Isis, Shadow, Nala and Mara

Dear Max,
As you many remember we had just rescued Reggie, we were his third owner. He was what we thought very aggressive and dominate. We could not even close his kennel door without being attacked. He bites me and my husband several times. Grabbing our pant legs seemed to be his favorite form of attack. I knew deep down inside this little black power house of a pup had hope and I was not ready to give up on him. So……we called you.

Your training has helped us in so many ways. We definitely are the pack leaders now. I truly believe all along Reggie was just fearful and not aggressive. He walks nicely on his leash where in the past he would chase cars and bark and growl at others walking by. We make him sit before he eats and he eats when I give him the command. He lies down while we are eating and he eats second. I walk thru doors first to show who the leader is. I have to admit, he still does not get on the bed unless we allow him. He walks twice a day without fail unless the weather is too bad. I just ordered him a rain coat!

Our Reggie has become such a loving dog now. Mind you he still has his moments but with a little correction and reminder who boss, he settles down. We love him so much and I am lad we did not give up on him.

I realized this training will be on going for the rest of his life. But, he is worth it!

Thank you so much for the “training” you gave to us!

Susan, Gary and Reggie

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